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Rick Sabetta—one of the Midwest’s top classic car dealers—was born in 1966 and 16 years later his first car was a 1966 Pontiac GTO. Sure, Rick’s  parents took the keys away from him a few times, but owning that muscle car lit a fire in him that burns to this day. What began in 1994 as a hobby has grown to a full-time business with help from his wife, Kim, and their three kids.

Rick’s cars have won countless awards at regional car shows over the years and he’s developed a reputation in the industry for both high-quality workmanship and speed—often completing restoration jobs in 90 days that would take less productive shops a year or more. That’s one reason Rick’s inventory is always changing.

But restoration is only part of Rick’s gift. As a preeminent classic car dealer with deep, longstanding relstionships, he knows how to find the rare beauty you are looking for.

There is a great sense of satisfaction in restoring a car to its original condition. It’s a passion for me.
— Rick Sabetta